• PMS ASII- Mobile AMC Detection System
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​Our main products of U.S. Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) are airborne molecular contamination monitoring and analysis instruments for clean room. The AirSentry II AMC gas analyzer using principle of IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) can measure concentrations as low as ppt levels. It provides Ammonia, Amines, TA (Total Acids), Chlorides (HCl + Cl2) and other gas analyzers and related calibration device.


Application of PMS AS-II AMC products.

Installation of monitoring methods


■ In clean room

■ MAU in & out

■ Quality of recycle air

■ 193nm Photolithography procedure


■ Lithography and Etching

■ Reticle SMIF Pod and FOUP

■ Manufacturing equipment machines

■ Environment or leak investigation


■ Point of use

■ Multi-point sampling system

■ Mobile Cart



PMS AS-II Mobile cart Benefits:


■ High-sensitivity AirSentry II IMS analyzers detect ammonia, amines, acids, and chlorides compounds

■ Mobile cart – move the system quickly to high-priority sample locations

■ Pinpoint AMC hotspots by narrowing in on contamination sources

■ Onboard compressor, air-dryer, chemical filter, and vacuum pump

■ AMC analyzers available when and where needed – deploy anytime

■ Uninterruptable power supply provides over 30 minutes of uninterrupted sampling, even during transport

■ Touch PC and software allow real-time graphing and data storage

■ Real-time and historical concentration display