• TAPI T700 Dynamic Dilution Calibrator
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United States TAPI’s main products are the perimeter ambient air quality monitoring analyzer. Its analysis entirely based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the EU, and other major countries’ requirements.TAPI provides TS (Total Sulfur), NH3, or O3 gas analyzers and related calibration equipment.

TAPI "T" series features:

■ Wide measurement range, with Auto Range function     

  TS : 0~50ppb to 0~20,000ppb

  NH3 : 0~50ppb to 0~2,000ppb

■ Provide accurate and stable gas monitoring

■ The latest CPU, start fast

■ Best I / O operation interface and expansion of the function


■​ XVGA color user interface

■ The same mode with E series,easy to learn

■ Touch screen with good sensitivity

■ Dual front panel USB port for easy firmware updates

■ Advanced USB and Ethernet communications capability

■ More than 90 percent of the parts universal with E series


T700 Dynamic Calibrator Features:

■ For dilution ppb or ppt level of calibrator
■ Group 4 calibration gas inlet, a set of zero dilution air inlet
■ Diluted up to 200 times magnification correction or more, can be set
■ Can be set on site QA / QC correction or remote calibration
■ With AMC analyzer calibration using