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The Picarro G2205 Hydrogen Fluoride Analyzer is a real time, trace gas monitor capable of measuring HF with parts-per-trillion (ppt) sensitivity. The analyzer is based on Picarro’s unique Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy (CRDS), a time-based measurement utilizing a near-infrared laser to measure a spectral signature of the molecule


Picarro G2205 HF Application:

Installation of monitoring methods:

■ In clean room

■ 193nm Photolithography procedure

■ Environment or leak investigation

■ Reticle SMIF Pod and FOUP

■ Manufacturing equipment machines

■ P.O.U, Point of Use

■ Multi-point sampling system

■ Mobile Cart



Picarro G2205 HF Features:


■ Real-time measurements, the reaction is quite sensitive

■ Gas is circulated in an optical measurement cavity with an effective path length of up to 20 kilometers.

■ Minimum detection limit up to 30 ppt or less

■ Measurement accuracy, fast response, free from the interference of other species

■ Installed and operational in minutes

■ Rugged and insensitive to changes in ambient temperature


Picarro G2205 HF Applications:

■ Single point measurements

  -Applicable machine internal or regional level requirements higher

■ Multi-point sampling system

  - 4、8、12、16…32 etc. multi-point sampling system designed according to site requirements

  -Available for on-site or remote control operation. Enhance the convenience of operation. Features meet customer needs.

  -Combined with various types of analysis and monitoring equipment, the system function flexible design, easy to learn

  -With a variety of I / O modules and various transmission interface,Ease of system integration

  -Customized services facilitate future expansion

■ Mobile Cart Design

  -Large dynamic range with high linearity

  -Monitoring the inspections immediately disclose the source of potential or existing

  -When a mobile monitoring function can also measure the amount designated on demand

  -Can use the internal UPSor fixed power supply

  -Real-time data and historical data

  -Standard output formats to facilitate data transfer and processing