• Baseline 9000 VOC's analyzer
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Our main products of U.S. Baseline-mocon are Volatile Organic Compounds( VOC) analyzer,use the FID( Flame Ionization Detector) or PID( Photo-Ionization Detector) principle to measure the gas. For separation of compounds, use Gas Chromatograph. To meet the requirements of the relevant environmental regulations, Provide different types of Model 9000 or 9100 NMHC/ CH4/ THC Volatile organic compounds analyzer



■ VOC(NMHC) CEMS for Exhaust gas & stack emissions


■ Scrubber efficiency- hydrocarbons and VOC's


■ Area monitor of toxic gases for industrial hygiene and safe.


■ Quality assurance monitoring, contaminant analysis or blending of industrial gases

Model 9000 NMHC Features:

■ Simultaneous monitoring and analysis NMHC/CH4/THC gas concentrations


■ Fully comply with the current and future regulatory requirements.


■ Fast response time(T90<30s), for continuous monitoring applications


■ Use Oxidizer device, using FID detection principle


■ Accurate and stable measurements, detection limits up to 0.06ppm


■ ost supplies spare parts shared with the 9000 series


■ Operating is simple, and the same with the 9000 series


■ Wetall provide the VOC-CEMS system with the complete service (sample / data collection system / subsequent maintenance / spare parts inventory service)