Weltall Technology Corp. is located in Hsin-chu city and branch is located in Tainan.Weltall is mainly to supply various gases monitoring system for high-tech industry and other related industry. It is including analyzer, system development & design, software of monitoring data, system integration, operation training and maintenance contract and after service. Weltall provide you professional service for system integration¡Ketc. and also provide you the best solution by your requirements.


Major Business line

  • VOC/FLOW Monitoring System.
  • Clean Room AMC Monitoring System (NH3 , SO2 , H2S , TS , HCL , HF, VOC'S, ¡K ).
  • Gas monitoring system.
  • Software designed & integration.
  • System design & intergration.
  • Analyzer for monitoring system or Turn-Key Service.
  • Perfect after service & providing regular maintenance.

Major Account

  • Semicon Industry: TSMC, UMC, Inotera, Nanya ,SUMCO, ProMOS ,WINBOND¡K
  • TFT/LCD: AUO,Chi Mei, HannStar,TPO,Daxon, TOPPAN¡Ketc.
  • Other: such as IC packaging and testing plant& main contractor (Ace Dragon Corporation,D-Tech,Taikisha, UANGYIH¡K

¡ãWeltall provides you the needful ¡§system integration & professional service¡¨, Weltall is your reliable partner¡ã