LAB Quality Policy (ISO 17025)

Weltall Technology Calibration Center:

Weltall provides customers with the best service in the spirit of "customer-oriented and service-oriented". In order to provide the most accurate analytical instrument testing and calibration services to improve service quality, our team members worked hard to pass “ISO/IEC 17025 Test and Calibration Laboratory Quality Management System” on December 22nd , 2017 by TAF (National Certification Foundation) . Weltall is certified as one of the TAF approved calibration laboratories.

ISO/IEC 17025 certification is an important standard for global testing and calibration. Through this certification, the company conducts tests and calibrations in the areas of AMC monitoring and analysis, VOC-CEMS (NMHC) monitoring and analysis, and other areas. The results are based on ISO/IEC 17025 and are worth your trust.


LAB Quality Policy:

  • Superior Technology
  • Standard Calibration
  • Superior Service
  • Customer Satisfaction

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