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AMC Monitoring System

In response to the current electronics industry increasingly advanced precision manufacturing process, the impact of clean room AMC (airborne molecular contamination) has become an important issue. Weltall technology can provide a complete AMC monitoring system for your needs. The system includes system integration, improve service and management solutions. We look forward to become your best partner.

■ Analyzer and monitoring equipment includes NH3, TS/SO2/H2S, HCl/Cl2, HF, Total Acids ,
   O3, VOCs……

■ Multi-point sampling system (Manifold), a single point of use (POU) or mobile (Mobile Cart)

■ Data acquisition system (DAS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

■ Customized professional planning and design services for facilitate expansion needs in the

■ According to customer’s needs, we provide on-site construction, system integration testing,
   and related training.

■ Providing comprehensive scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on call service


Monitoring System



Brand Product Main Features
T108 TS Gas Analysis
T100 SO2 Gas Analysis
T101 H2S Gas Analysis
T201 NH3 Gas Analysis
T400 O3 Gas Analysis
T700/T700U Dynamic Dilution Calibrator
T750/T750U Portable Dynamic Dilution Calibrator
T701/T701H Zero Air Generator
751H Portable Zero Air Generator
AirSentry II
Ammonia (NH3) / Amines / TA (Total Acids) / Chlorides (HCl+CI2) Gas Analyzer
AirSentry II
Calibration Station
AS II Gas Analyzer Calibrator
AirSentry II
Mobile Cart
Mobile Cart AMC Monitoring Equipment
9100 GC-PID TVOC/VOCs Gas Analyzer
Clarus 690
TurboMatrix TD/ATD
TVOC/VOCs Gas Analyzer
LGR-ICOS 927S HF , HF+HCl Gas Analyzer


Dynamic Dilution Calibrator
Portable Zero Air Generator
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