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AMC Autonomous Mobile Robot


Product Introduction:
With industrial automation production demand, automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) have been widely used in manufacturing, medical, logistics and other related industries. Application range from transport and handling, through robot intelligence and integration visual and olfactory sensing devices, extended to inspection monitoring.


Weltall Technology autonomous mobile robot uses ROS robot system as the driving core, collocation with LIDAR and Various high-precision sensing components, Integrate machine learning and SLAM, enable robots to quickly scan in unfamiliar fields, establish maps, and actively avoid obstacles.It can re-plan the path autonomously and add control areas on the map prohibit robots from entering. Inertial navigation and visual target-assisted positioning can tolerate local facility changes.Weltall through Self-Development highly integrated with the gas analyzer and software, hardware, and automatically replace the gas analysis module function and expand the image analysis software.


Key Features:

■ Integrate Robot and Gas Analysis module.

■ Customized matching and integration of different gas analysis monitoring targets.

■ With laser natural map positioning navigation system, active obstacle avoidance, independent dynamic re-planning path.

■ Independent speed regulation, which adjusts the speed with path width and obstacle distance to ensure safety and flexibility.


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