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Baseline was first established in 1969 as Baseline Industries Inc. Baseline is known as an industry leader in the development and manufacture of gas sensors. Acquired by MOCON, Inc. in 2001 and then by AMETEK, Inc. in 2017, AMETEK MOCON manufactures and markets the full line of Baseline advanced gas monitoring instrumentation.


AMETEK MOCON's Baseline analyzers employ several principals of gas analysis including gas chromatography, continuous monitors and portable instruments. The product line also includes a variety of complimentary products such as multipoint samplers, calibration systems, sample conditioners, support gas generators, and data acquisition systems. Designed for optimum reliability, compactness, and operational simplicity, AMETEK MOCON's Baseline product line meets the growing demand for accurate low-level instrumentation.


Product Model Description Key Features


Gas Analyzer

■ Detectable gas:continuous monitor single gas

    (TVOC) or simultaneously monitor multiple

■ Gas Chromatography analyzer including PID, HS-     PID, FID, TCD or PDD sensor.

■ Stable measurement and fast reaction

■ LDL: 50ppt or lower

■Touch screen LCD displays chromatogram,                  historical data, diagnostics, sequencing, 

■ Customizable


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