Service and Support

■ Exhaust VOC-CEMS( Non-Methane/ Methane/ THC) continuous emission monitoring system
■ Clean Room AMC monitoring system( NH3/NOx, TS/SO2/H2S, HCl/Cl2, HF, Total Acids, O3, VOC's )
■ Multi-point switching sampling system( Manifold), point of use( POU) , mobile devices ( Mobile Cart) or IOT (Internet of Things Wireless Transmission System)
■ Various gas analysis and monitoring system
■ Monitoring System Software Design and Integration
■ Provide customized system design services
■ Single unit or Turn-key integrated services
■ Provide customer and maintenance services
■ Provide after service and periodic maintenance service


Weltall Integrated Service--Service Integration & 

Professional Service Provider

■ Design 

   According to needs of different gas monitoring system, including the planning and design of hardware and software, and provide to meet customer demand SCADA system, establish aa comprehensive monitoring system.

■ Installation 

 Site construction and installation work, or PM, environmental health and safety, and industrial safety is our primary goal.

■ Commissioning Test

 Regulatory requirements based on demand or higher than the standards for the testing of the system, equipment or systems of the more sophisticated operations.

■ PIP / Access Control / 6S / industrial safety and other relevant regulations Compliance

 Fully comply with customers' proprietary information protection policy PIP / Access Control / 6S / industrial safety and other regulations.

■ Service

 Customer Service provided 24/7.  

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