Corporate Philosophy and Culture

Corporate Philosophy and Culture

Our Goals:
■ Comply with customers' proprietary information protection policy PIP / Access Control / 6S / industrial safety and other regulations
■ 3 Zeros Policy - "Zero PIP / access control violations, zero-6S / work safety violations, zero accidents."
■ Become AMC, VOC-CEMS and other gas monitoring system leader
■ Emphasize on corporate integrity and goodwill, improve customer satisfaction, achieve customer recognition and trust
■ Create harmonious relationship between the company, customers, employees and suppliers to share and grow together a win-win partnership
■ Be a profitable corporation and taking the shareholders, employees and clients' interests into account, and take our social responsibility

Our Core Values


■ Commitments to Our Client

- Provide comprehensive and completely reliable service

■ Quality and Safety

- Quality and safety are the priority of our principle of service.

■ Employee Commitments

- We encourage employees to become shareholder in our company to share Weltall’s corporate goals, and to have long-term, valuable career.

■ Business Sustainability

- Increase services and strive customer recognition and trust continuously. We take corporate responsibilities and obligations and all our staff work together in one heart to achieve corporate goals

■ New Markets and Products Development

- We invite all the talents to join the company and team up to develop new markets and products.


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