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VOC-CEMS-VOC Continuous Emissions Monitors


■ Analysis and monitoring equipment ( NMHC / CH4 / THC Analyzer / Flow Monitor )

■ Fully comply current and future regulations

■ Single-point or multi-point sampling system switch、A/B valve zero point and Full-size offset daily check function

■ Automatic differential pressure transmitter zero/span check system

■ Flow meter average dynamic pressure measuring device

■ Chimney opacity analyzer

■ Fully comply current and future regulations with Convenient operation software for data processing system



Emissions Monitors



Brand Model Description
9000 MNME THC/Methane/Non-methane Gas Analyzer 
9000 MNME (H) THC / Methane / Non-methane Gas Analyzer with Heater  
9000 THA THC Gas Analyzer
9100 GC-PID 9100 Gas Chromatograph VOCs Analyzer
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