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 LNI Swissgas is a leader in analytical laboratories, Gas generators, Gas mixers and Gas Calibrator for more than 30 years. The product is completely designed by LNI Swissgas: Layout, Electronics, Chemistry, and Passive Components are all develop by their own companies. This aspect is unique in the industry. LNI completely control product technology and quality. They also develop product with the latest technology in features.LNI Swissgas product has pass quality ISO 9001-2015 certification and measurement laboratory of ISO 17025-2008 certification.In addition, the ISO 14001-2015 certification emphasizes the commitment to protecting the environment.
Product Model Description Key Features
Hydrogen Gas Generators

■ Application Project: FID Combustion Gas、Carrier Gas for
   GC and GC-MS、ICP-MS collision gas、The fuel cell
   reaction gas.

■ Hydrogen purity: 99.99999%

■ Flow rate (minimum ~ maximum): 120~700 cc/min

■ High pressure up to 10 Bar (145 psi)

Zero Air
Zero Air Generator

■ Application Project: FID Combustion Gas、Other gas
   analysis applications

■ Total hydrocarbon content: <0.05 ppm

■ Flow rate (minimum ~ maximum) 1.5~30 I/min

■ High pressure up to 7 Bar (95 psi).

Zero Air
Nitrogen generator

■ Application Project: LCMS、Other analyzer applications

■ Nitrogen purity: 99.99999%

■ Flow rate (minimum ~ maximum) 120~700 cc/min

■ High pressure up to 10 Bar (145 psi).

Calibrator Calibrator

■ Application Project: Produce reference concentration gas
   source, perform analyzer calibration.

■ Use gas cylinder dilution correction, Optional permeation
   tube and ozone generator.

■ Diluted 100~1000 times

■ Accommodate up to four permeation tubes (ingredients)

■ 19 inch industry standard specifications integration with standard cabinets.



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