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Particle Measuring Systems

 Particle Measuring Systems from the United States is a world-leading company and manufacturer of cleanroom AMC micro-pollution monitoring analyzers. PMS actively invests in R&D, and provides customers with accurate and reliable measurement results based on cutting-edge technology. It also sat on the leading position of global clean room particle counters and pollution monitoring industries.


Its main products are AS-II gas analyzers and related calibration devices, which can measure gases such as Ammonia (NH3), Amines, TA (Total Acids), and Chlorides (HCI+CI2), and can measure and analyze gas concentrations at ppt level. PMS also customized measurement options such as single-point/multi-point/moving car sampling, that can more effectively monitor the clean room AMC micro-pollution source.  

Product Model Description Key Features
Air Sentry II

NH3, Amines

Gas Analyzer

■Detectable Gas: NH3, Amines,

         TA (Total Acids) , Chlorides

■ Point of Use

■ Applicable for manifold

■ LDL: 70ppt or lower

■ Accurate measurement, fast reaction, uninterrupted data

■ Compact size allows placement in any location

■ Infrequent preventative maintenance  

Total Acids

Gas Analyze


Gas Analyze

Air Sentry II
Gas Analyzer Calibrator

 ■ Set zero/span calibration standard.

■ Can be used for multiple AS-II to assure the measurement consistency.

■ Can Calibrate based on the ambient humidity conditions.

Mobile Cart

Mobile Cart

AMC Monitoring Equipment

■ Mobile design, can pair with 1-3 AS-II analyzer

■ Gas monitoring in cleanroom

■ Monitor potential/existed leak

■ With zero air system, for measure and calibration use

■ Designed with high mobility to monitor locations flexibly when needed.

■ Powered by USB/fixed power supply

■ Touch panel, easier data storage and delivery

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