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Product Introduction:

Clean room production technology has reach on nanometer process stage, precision process focuses on micro-polluted gas detection and monitoring.


F.A.ST. can instantly monitor micro-pollution status within FOUP. Whether Acidic、Basic、or Condensable (Molecular Acid, Base, Condensable).F.A.ST. can tailor to meet customer needs and expanded in the future by measuring the demand for more species. Weltall has a professionally qualified technical staff, we always available to provide you with advice and services.


Key Features:

■ High sensitivity analytical monitoring equipment, can instant detect and monitor on very low concentrations of micro-
  polluting, collect customize data and processing systems for future  information transfer and integration, and in the future, it can also extend according the demand.

■ Can use with early warning and system foolproof function.

■ Professional technical staff provide comprehensive scheduled maintenance services and warranty.

■ Small size, will not occupy the production equipment.

■ Customized Analysis Monitoring Equipment.

■ Load Port Automated Loading and Delivery.

■ Use SECS Communications Protocol.

■ Can Combine with FOUP.

■ Suitable with OHT System, and other systems.

■ Has a FOUP RFID Identification function.

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