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MIRICO is a startup founded by the Space Laser Spectroscopy team of the British RAL Space Company. They are development of cutting-edge emerging technologies for gas analysis instruments.MIRICO has invest development of gas analysis instruments with cutting-edge emerging technologies and now launched the ORION® open-diameter Ammonia analyzer is available.


The instrument uses laser light scattering spectroscopy (LDS-Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy), which has a very fast reaction time and suitable for measurement of environmental air pollution or chimney emissions.  


Product Model Description Key Features
Open Path Ammonia Analyser
Open Path Ammonia Analyzer

■ Measurement Project: NH3、CH4、CO2

■ Unique open-path gas sensing technology.

■ High precision, excellent weather resistance and
   undisturbed weather conditions

■ More accurate than traditional measurement methods

■ Wide range of detection areas

■ Auto-tuning function increases data credibility

■ Easy system check and easy maintenance  

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