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ABB has an accumulated 100 years of technology; it is one of the leading leaders in industrial digitalization. ABB has an efficient and safe productivity. There have many achievements in the semiconductor industry.


In field of FTIR technology, ABB has always been a global leader and focus on the Research Development of FTIR analyzers. Wet Process Analyzer (WPA) products developed by ABB with FTIR technology, it is an analytical device designed for real-time monitoring of wet processes. The instrument monitors and control various solution concentration in cleaning、 etching 、stripping processes. Therefore, extend chemical life cycle 、reduce chemical consumption and laboratory-related costs、ensure the quality and quality of the process、improve the production yield so on. 

Product Model Description Key Features
FTPA2000 Wet process chemical concentration analyzer Wet Process

■ Measurement project: Monitoring and Control of
    various solution concentrations in cleaning, etching
    and stripping processes.

■ On line and real-time monitoring display, avoid
    product process anomalies, Non- contact
    measurement(Chemical fluid will not consume losses
    and pollution), safe and easy to install.

■ Measuring reaction time is 30 seconds faster
    (around <30 seconds)

■ Multi-point detection of 1 to 8 Bench/per WPA,
   improve QC efficiency and reduce costs.

■ Can remote Monitoring(Ethernet), reduce manpower

■ Increase service life of the tank and reduce waste
   liquid amount.

■ High instrument stability, helps rapid integration of
   production lines and increases production efficiency.

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