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Flow Meter & Z/S Check System

Product Introduction:
To comply with the latest regulation of air pollution standard, Weltall exclusively developed a flow meter & zero/span check system specifically for semiconductor factory and photovoltaic plant, used to increase monitor data accuracy in VOC-CEMS continuous automatic monitoring facilities.

Flow meter Specification:

■ Probe style: 8 point cross stack

■ Probe material: Stainless steel/PP/PVDF (Optional)

■ Probe length: depends on stack internal radius, customized

■ Signal output: 4-20mA

■ Temperature range: 0-200 ℃ or higher

■ Transmitter range: 5-100 mbar (Adjustable measuring range)

■ Transmitter: LCD monitor, real-time flow measurement

■ Can expand Auto-Purge function




Z/S Check System Specification:

■ Shift test: light pressure method

■ Span pressure test: 10-100min, adjustable

■ Pressure precision: < ± 1mm H2O

■ Electricity: DC 24V, 1.5A

■ Control:Relay

■ Case Material: Stainless Steel



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